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Our Mission
The guiding mission of The Breast Cancer Society, Inc. (TBCS) is to provide relief to those who suffer from the effects of breast cancer now, as well as to work cooperatively with and give support to other personnel, individuals and organizations that share in the goal of helping cancer patients, the critically ill, and the impoverished. This is done through such means as education, direct assistance, financial aid, and the providing of supplies and care-giving products, and referral services. Additionally, TBCS assist in the eradication of breast cancer through education and the support of breast cancer research.

What Makes TBCS Different From Other Breast Cancer Charities?
The Breast Cancer Society - based in Mesa, Arizona - is one of the only national breast cancer charities in the U.S. with a primary focus on providing direct help and financial aid to those suffering with breast cancer - as opposed to the primary mission of many other breast cancer groups being research and education. While research and education are both vital, and also funded by The Breast Cancer Society, there are many thousands of victims of breast cancer each year who need not only information and the hope for an eventual cure, but require direct assistance today in order for them and their families to meet the challenges brought on by this disease. This is why TBCS and its supporters are so important.
The Breast Cancer Society, Inc. is proud to work with the Vehicle Donation Processing Center to process your car donation. The Vehicle Donation Processing Center is one of the oldest and most reputable charitable car donation processors in the country. When a donation is pledged, the Vehicle Donation Processing Center takes the donor information over the telephone, and handles all of the documents, pick up of the donation, sale at auction, and distribution of the proceeds to The Breast Cancer Society, Inc. This leaves TBCS free to concentrate on what really matters; their work within the community.